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Shot balls are small spherical metal particles commonly used in hunting, shooting sports, industrial cleanup, and military applications. They are made from a variety of different materials, such as steel, lead, tungsten, or alloys of lead and antimony. The following is the usual manufacturing process:

1. Nyersanyag előkészítés:

Select appropriate metal materials (e.g. lead, steel, tungsten, etc.).

And Cutting raw materials into appropriately sized pieces.

2. olvasztás:

The small metal blocks are put into a high-temperature smelting furnace to melt them into liquid metal.

During the smelting process, specific alloying elements can be added to improve strength and other properties.

3. Shape forming:

Once the metal is melted, the liquid metal is poured into a spherical mold. The mold usually has spherical grooves that allow the metal to form a spherical shape as it solidifies.

Steel balls are usually made by cold heading or rolling, while lead balls are often made by casting.

4. Cooling and solidification:

In the mold, the metal begins to cool and gradually solidifies into a spherical shape.

The rate and method of cooling will affect the hardness and structure of the ball.

5. Vágás és köszörülés:

The cooled spheres may have some irregular edges and need to be cut and grind to smooth surface and consistent diameter.

This step is usually done using mechanical cutting or grinding machines.

6. Tisztítás és kezelés:

The finished sphere may have some residual melting agent or oil stains and needs to be cleaned and treated to ensure that the surface is clean.

Coating may also be required to increase the corrosion resistance of the sphere.

7. Quality control and packaging:

The spheres are quality tested to ensure diameter, hardness and shape meet specifications.

Balls that meet the standards are packaged and typically used in a variety of applications such as hunting ammunition, shooting bullets, industrial cleanup pellets, and more.